"... I had recurring back pain and scoliosis of the upper spine... the Bowen Technique reshaped my body, and the curvature was reduced noticeably by the gentle touch of the therapist. It has rebalanced my body, and I no longer use orthotics in my shoes. You come away from the treatment feeling relaxed, more than you can imagine, but with greater energy." - Bev Gibbons, RN CPN

The Bowen Therapeutic Technique is one of the most versatile and effective treatments available. It has the ability to relax, re-align and balance the body, relieving acute and chronic pain and organ dysfunction quickly and gently.

Our bodies are the most amazing and complex systems known. The trillions of cells that make up the human body are in constant motion, working independently and co-operatively to keep us functioning. Sometimes our cells need help because of injury, disease or surgery. Sometimes we just feel overwhelmed and would like to deeply relax.

Bowen therapy treats the whole person, asking the body first to relax so it can begin to open up and the natural healing responses can begin. From that point, Bowen stimulates and supports those responses, helping the body return to its original blueprint of health.